WEEK 40: The Day has arrived!

Congratulations—you’ve reached the final week of your pregnancy! By this time, you’ve probably taken care of most of the important things such as installing the car seat, make the bassinet and packed your hospital bag.

Now, you probably want to make sure you wrap things up other last minute, easy things including filling the car up with gas and making sure your cell phone is fully charged.

40 week pregnant banner

Some moms-to-be in what is generally their last week of pregnancy put a waterproof mattress on the bed in case their water breaks in the middle of the night. You don’t have to, but it’s always a good idea, given that your water can break anytime and this will help you contain the messes.

Getting back to baby, he/she is when you’re 40 weeks pregnant is as big as a watermelon and is ready to step foot into the real world. In terms of numbers, your baby measures 20.16 inches and weighs roughly 7.63 lbs.

40th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Most of the symptoms you experience in week 40 of your pregnancy are similar to the ones you’ve been experiencing in the previous weeks. These include:

  Sleep troubles
Sleep troubles during pregnancy

– If you’re having trouble sleeping, your best bet is to get up and distract yourself with something else such as reading or watching a movie. This however may not be an ideal time for exercise so you can put your Zumba plans on hold for a bit.

  Leg cramps
Leg cramps during pregnancy

Stretches are the best way to get some relief from cramping in the legs, which as mostly caused owing to pelvic pressure.

Labour Contractions

Moms-to-be in their 40th week of pregnancy often confuse Braxton Hicks contractions for the real deal. But remember if you’re having contractions generally in the last week of pregnancy, they are probably the real ones, so if they are closer together, you’re mostly probably going into labor.

Pregnancy symptom - Fatigue

This may be triggered by the fact that you aren’t getting the right amount of sleep, so again you best bet is to do something that keeps you busy.

Pregnancy symptom - Anxiety

Well, you know this was bound to happen, and you also know why, so don’t stress about it as your baby will be in your arms anytime now.

Size and Weight Flashcard

Baby Size and Weight Flashcard week 40

Week 40 Signs of Labor

There are often times where you may be 40 weeks pregnant yet show no signs of labor whatsoever. But not to worry, because they will be here very soon! You should call your doctor if:

  You experience a leak or flow of amniotic fluid
  You have contractions that keep occurring at regular intervals
  Or any other symptoms out of the ordinary

At 40 weeks, great chances are that you may not be able to contain your excitement. For this, you or your health care provider can induce or trigger labor using natural methods or with medication.

Induced labor is extremely safe, and you can read more about the statistics from the the Center for Disease Control and Prevention here . The popular natural methods to induce pregnancy include having sex, trying out natural supplements or taking long walks.

Your doctor may use one or more techniques to induce labor, and the best one for you depends on the condition of your cervix at the time. Some of the common methods of inducing labor include:

  With an oral dose of misoprostol
  Using a cervical ripening balloon
  Using a Foley catheter
  Rupturing your membranes
  Striping or sweeping your membranes
  Using oxytocin (Pitocin)

40th Week Pregnant Ultrasound - What to Expect ?

At 40 weeks, your fetus continues to grow hands and nails, and their lungs are developing pretty fast too. Your doctor may want to do a biophysical profile when you’re 40 weeks pregnant. This twofold test includes a non-stress test and ultrasound to check what the amniotic fluid levels look like.

baby growth during week 40


Pregnancy Week 40 Checklist

  Speak to your doctor about induction options.
  Get your non-stress done if your doctor orders it.
  Schedule your prenatal visit.