WEEK 33: The Growth never ends

Relaxing and taking a deep breath are two things that are easier said, than done when you’re 33 weeks pregnant, owing to the fact that you may be feeling a bit overheated over and above your other symptoms.

On a brighter note, you probably can’t control your excitement because you’re going to meet your baby in a few more weeks.

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This may be a good time to prepare your hospital bag with all the essentials you will need at the time of delivery. Further, this is a good time to read up on postpartum care and even stock your baby cabinet with a few important mom care supplies.

In terms of size, your baby when you’re 33 weeks is similar to a pineapple or the head of celery and is growing at an accelerated rate.

33rd Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Sorry to break it to you, but your week 33 pregnancy symptoms can get very uncomfortable. Here are some of the ones you may experience.

 Shortness of breath
Shortness of breath in pregnancy

This is one of those symptoms you may be experiencing in the past few weeks of your pregnancy. And you probably need to catch your breath more often if you’re pregnant with twins. It will be a major relief when your baby is delivered and you have some free space around your lungs.

Headache during pregnancy

Another common symptom in the later weeks, headaches are caused mostly by your fluctuating hormones, but could also be due to dehydration or stress. To get some relief, try and drink a lot of water, and speak to your OB if your headaches become unbearable.

Pregnancy symptom - Overheating

When you’re 33 weeks, great chances are that your metabolic rate is off the roof hence a little overheating is expected.

  Clumsiness and forgetfulness
Pregnancy symptom - Clumsiness

This is also referred to as a baby’s brain and is often caused by physiological changes and more stress.

Size and Weight Flashcard

Baby Size and Weight Flashcard week 33

Inside your Belly in Week

When you reach week 33 , you probably would developed weight between 22lbs and 32lbs and up to 42lbs if you’re pregnant with twins. Many moms to be say that the extra curves make them feel sexy, and you very well feel the exact same way.

If your doctor has approved sex during pregnancy for you, you can have it right up until your delivery date. Your belly when you’re 33 weeks pregnant may feel like its tightening a bit, which is probably a result of Braxton Hicks contractions, and mostly occur after sex or exercise.

Take note that Braxton Hicks contractions aren’t the same as regular contractions where the former will cease when you change positions. Contrarily, real contractions do not stop at a pace of at least five per hour.

And you may have guessed, that means real labor. But it is a little early to have real contractions when you’re 33 weeks pregnant, if you do it is termed as preterm labor.

There are several conditions and complications that may make you enter preterm labor including being dehydrated or excess amniotic fluid. Other signs of preterm labor are unusual discharge, cramping like you experience when you’re on your period, vaginal bleeding or pressure in your pelvis.

33rd Week Pregnant Ultrasound - What to Expect ?

You probably won’t have an ultrasound when you’re 33 weeks pregnant, but if you could take a sneak peek

you would see your baby’s eyes are wide open and great chances are that it will be done as part of your biophysical profile (BPP).

ultrasound scan image on week 33

This test is in most cases only recommended for high risk patients. It checks several health metrics of your fetus such as its movement, breathing and muscle tone.

The BPP test is divided into two parts, and one of them is a non-stress test that checks how the baby’s heart rate changes when they move or you experience contractions.

Your Baby's Development in Week 33

When you enter into your 33rd week, your baby weighs roughly 4.23lbs and measures 17.20 inches. With a fast growing baby inside your belly, you’re amniotic fluid level if off the roof

So in most cases you will have a higher amount of fluid than the baby itself. Your baby has fully developed all their senses hence is acting smarter now such as closing its eyes during sleep and opening them when awake.

baby growth inside the bump


Week 33 is an important milestone for your baby as it has fully developed its immune system. This supports the transfer of antibodies from you to your little one, which comes handy when they are born to prevent infections.

In other developments, your baby can hear you, and also your stomach is growling. Its skin has slightly changed colors from red to pink and its taste buds are getting more sensitive.

Pregnancy Week 33 Checklist

  Explore hospital resources
 Prepare your hospital bag if you haven’t done so already
 Prepare for postpartum care