WEEK 22: Baby Invading your Space

Your belly in week 22 of pregnancy is running out of space owing to your rapidly growing baby. This is why you’re probably experiencing back aches, and are unable to catch a breath at times. Your baby may take up more room in your belly that you may even notice the onset of stretch marks, but not to worry as most of these will fade away after giving birth.

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Although these side effects aren’t anything to be pleased about, you may want to hire a professional maternity photographer to take some epic photos to add to your baby album. Your baby at 22 weeks pregnant is about the size of a coconut or papaya, and is starting to look like a miniature newborn.

22nd Week Pregnancy Symptoms

The majority of week 22 pregnancy symptoms are caused by your baby taking up a lot of room in your belly. Here are some of the most common symptoms you may experience in week 22 .

  Outtie belly button
Outtie belly in pregnancy

this was bound to happen sooner or later, and is basically your belly button doing a back-flip. It is caused due to your expanding belly, and even though it can be a weird feeling when first conceived, your outtie will transform into an innie before you know it.

  Stretch marks
Stretch marks during pregnancy

You should start noticing these scars between week 19 and week 21 of your pregnancy, but they will grow in number as weeks go by. The not so cool aspect about stretch marks is that they will never vanish completely, but will fade in color and be less noticeable after birth.

  Increased vaginal discharge
Pregnancy symptom - vaginal discharge

Another not-so-fun week 22 symptom, an increase in vaginal discharge is normal and is mostly caused by increased blood flow in that respective area. This mayturn off your sex drive, but give it a shot and see how it goes.

Backache during pregnancy

Aches and pains in your back and some other parts of your body are caused by the extra pressure from you carrying around your baby. A prenatal massage, heating pad or sleeping with a body pillow can provide great relief.

  Swollen hands or feet
Swollen hands or feet during pregnancy

Minor swelling is completely normal, and is caused mostly due to the surge of fluids in your body. Contrarily, severe swelling could be a sign of a dangerous pregnancy issue known as preeclampsia, so speak to your doctor ASAP.

  Trouble catching your breath
Trouble catching your breath during pregnancy

Again, this is caused by your baby crowding your space, and best advice is to exercise regularly, but don’t go overboard.

  Hair growth
Hair growth in pregnancy

This is one of the good symptoms of week 22 pregnancy, but you may have to break out the tweezers if it spirals out of control.

  Faster growing fingernails
Faster growing fingernails during pregnancy

Unfortunately your hair is not the only thing that’s growing, but you may notice your fingernails growing faster than usual. Some women’s nails get softer or brittle, while others get harder. Either way, you can protect your fingernails by using moisturizer and wear gloves when doing household chores.

  Skin changes
Spotting during pregnancy

Some women notice a proverbial "glow”, while others may experience aggravated skin conditions such as acne. Speak to your OB about the best pregnancy-friendly acne fighting products and wash twice a day with a gentle soap or cleanser.

  Darker nipples and areolas
Spotting during pregnancy

The pigmented area around your nipples referred to as areolas may get larger and darker when you’re 22 weeks pregnant. The Montgomery's tubercles, which are the little bumps on your areolas may be bit more pronounced as well owing to fact that they are oil-producing glands that help fight bacteria and simultaneously lubricate the skin.

  Larger feet
Larger feet during pregnancy

A good reason to buy new shoes, and the increase in size is mostly caused by lax ligaments or swelling in your feet.

Size and Weight Flashcard

Baby Size and Weight Flashcard week 22

Inside your Belly in Week 22

Your belly when you’re 22 weeks pregnant measures roughly between 20 – 24 centimeters, and is measured from your pelvic bone to the top of your uterus referred to as fundal height measurement. But if you’re pregnant with twins or multiples, fundal height should be the last thing on your mind since it is harder to gauge near accurate measurements with these types of pregnancies. Weight gain when you’re 22 weeks may be something that’s bothering you, and your OB has probably recommended you gain a pound or slightly more per week

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In order to achieve this, medical experts recommend an intake of 3000 calories per day, which does not necessarily have to spread across three meals, but five or six smaller meals could very well add up to this number. This way you will be able to practice a well-rounded diet, and consequently lower your chances of heartburn, indigestion or low drops in energy.

22nd Week Pregnant Ultrasound - What to Expect ?

ultrasound scan for week 22

Given that your baby’s eyes and lips are more developed, it is looking more like a newborn compared to the previous weeks of pregnancy. Week 22 is when you will most likely have your mid-pregnancy ultrasound, which will give you a glimpse of all your little munchkin’s organs. All your other generic testingshould be completed by now, so you can breathe easy knowing that’s out of the way.

Your Baby's Development in Week 22

Your baby continues to grow when your 22 weeks, and their lungs are more mature. They can even swallow, but the grand first meal will have to wait until delivery day.Your placenta will also continue to grow in order to keep supplying vital nutrients to your little one.

baby growth inside belly at week 22


One of the new changes in your baby starting week 22 is that their gums are developing tooth buds, which are preparing for its new teeth to take flight. Even though your baby’s eyes are completely formed, they will not have any eye color due to the lack of pigment in their iris. Pancreas is another organ that continues to grow, and is producing essential hormones that contribute to its overall growth. Your baby in this week weighs about 15.17 ounces and measures 10.94 inches the from crown to heel.

Pregnancy Week 22 Checklist

  Baby is playing in the womb. so play along
  Hire a maternity photographer
  Seek clarification from your OB on any second trimester questions you may have