WEEK 15: The Budding Acrobat

At 15 weeks, you are enjoying a surge in energy, and this may mean increased libido as well.

But your partner may not feel the same way, because the thought of having intercourse and being near to the baby may be overwhelming.

Let your partner know that the baby has no clue about whats going on, and as long as your doctor hasn’t told you differently, having sex during pregnancy won’t hurt you or the baby.

Your baby at 15 weeks pregnant is as big as a navel orange or tomato, and its proportions are becoming even more normal.

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15th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

The symptoms you experience in week 15 may be slightly different than those you’ve been going through in the past few weeks.

That said, here are the most common week 15 pregnancy symptoms you may or may not experience during this phase.

Nosebleeds during pregnancy

This symptom is literally unheard of in your previous weeks of pregnancy, but might occur starting week 14 and 15 of your pregnancy.

It is caused by a surge in blood volume and sensitive nasal passages. Even though nosebleeds are a common symptom of pregnancy, it is best to speak to your OB if they do turn severe.

  Increased sex drive
Increased sex drive during pregnancy

You may feel the need to have sex more often due to the fact that you have your energy back. But sometimes you may also not be up for it given the other symptoms you are experiencing.

 Heartburn, gas or indigestion
Pregnancy symptom Fatigue or tiredness

These are mostly caused by raging hormones, and the best remedy for them is to avoid foods that trigger these symptoms.

Furthermore, speak to your doctor to see what stomach remedies are best suited for you and stock up on some calcium rich antacids.

 Shortness of breath
Cramps during pregnancy

Even though you have all this energy to burn, you may feel a shortness of breath. Speak to your doctor if it gets too severe.

 Swollen gums
Frequent urination during pregnancy

Pregnancy causes your gums to become more sensitive, and best thing to do is brush often and floss gently.

 Dark line
Spotting during pregnancy

You may notice a dark line running down your bump—a symptom that’s medically referred to as linea nigra. It is nothing to worry about and will fade away as weeks go by.

Size and Weight Flashcard

Baby Size and Weight Flashcard week 15

Inside your Belly in Week 15

Your belly in week 15 of pregnancy is growing by leaps and bounds, where your uterus was tucked away within your pelvis, but is now starting to elongate in order to cater to the size of your growing baby.

It will gradually grown bigger that your pelvis and will move higher up in your belly.

Given that all moms aren’t the same, the growth of your belly can vary, so while you may not be showing yet, other moms-to-be will have a distinct baby bump.

Your milk glands in week 15 of pregnancy may have started doing what their supposed to, resulting in nipple level wet spots on your sheets.

week 15-pregnancy

In addition, week 15 of pregnancy may also bring about Braxton-Hicks contractions, which basically help your uterus take the right shape in order for you to give birth.

These contractions generally feel like there is some level of tightening in your uterus or abdominal area, and you may notice them much more frequently after exercise.

If you have more than four contractions per hour, discharge a considerable amount of mucus or fluid or you’re experiencing uncomfortable pelvic pressure, get in touch with your doctor.

Your belly will grow at a much more accelerated pace if you’re pregnant with twins, so try and avoid fatty foods.

However, doctors do recommend that you gain at least 1 to 2 pounds per week, so keep your goal at 300 healthy calories per day.

If you notice drastic weight gain, notify your OB immediately as this may be a sign of preeclampsia—a serious pregnancy condition.

15th Week Pregnant Ultrasound - What to Expect ?

Great chances are that you won’t feel the sensations of your baby kicking yet, but they’re definitely squirming around in your belly.

This is mostly due to the fact that they are able to move most of their limbs and joints, and may even be hiccupping without you knowing it.

If you’ve opted to do a triple or quad screen test aka multiple market screen, which measures the level of certain proteins and hormones in your blood in order to determine the risks of neural tube defects, you will mostly likely have your blood drawn between week 15 and week 20 of your pregnancy.

ultrasound image in week 15

Another elective test that may happen between week 15 and week 20 of your pregnancy is amniocentesis, which is able to diagnose chromosomal disabilities, neural tube defects and other genetic disorders.

If the results from your triple or quad tests are abnormal, your doctor may suggest doing an amnio especially if your baby is at an increased risk of genetic abnormalities.

This procedure entails inserting a needle in your amniotic sac by using a 15 week ultrasound as a guide.

Your Baby's Development in Week 15

Your baby when your 15 weeks pregnant weighs approximately 2.47 ounces an measures 3.98 inches, which is similar in size to a small apple or orange.

Its bones are continuing to grow, and skin is thin and somewhat translucent with some veins being visible.

You’re baby is doing acrobats inside your belly and you may even feel those subtle kicks and jabs aka quickening.

They are developing their swallowing and sucking abilities to take in amniotic fluid, which aids in lung development.

baby growth inside belly during week 15


These first movements are somewhat similar to popcorn popping, butterflies fluttering or a tapping sensation, but most of these jerks won’t be strong yet.

Even though you can’t speak face to face yet, you may want to start talking to your babyin order to begin the bonding process.

And since your baby’s hearing abilities are developing, it can probably hear your tummy gurgling and your heart beating.

Pregnancy Week 15 Checklist

  Think about a natural birth or water birth
  Ask your friends about tips on pregnancy and share experiences
 Perform exercises to strengthen your abs and pelvic floor
  Pamper yourself, you deserve it
  Schedule your amnio if you’ve chosen to have one
  Schedule your multiple marker screening