WEEK 11: Baby is an Energizer Bunny

You’re 11 weeks pregnant, and there’s no better time to whisk away with your partner than now, because this is the time when you feel energized, something you may not feel in the upcoming weeks of your pregnancy.

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Referred to as babymoon, this is not only a great time to celebrate your pregnancy, but also spend some quality time together before your baby’s arrival.

Your baby in the 11th week is as big as a lime, apricot or a brussel sprout, and has a little weird 1:1 head-to-body ratio, but this will change in the upcoming weeks.

11th Week Pregnancy Symptoms

Your hormones around week 11 are still raging, so you may feel like things are sort of haywire and consequently nauseous.

But know that these symptoms in your 11th week will level out, and here are a few more you may experience when your 11 weeks pregnant.

Nausea at week 11

Just like in your first week of pregnancy, you may experience nausea in your 11th week as well. Although there is no sure shot cure for nausea during pregnancy, drinking lots of water does provide some relief.

Fatigue at week 11

You’re carrying a baby, so you’re bound to get tired, so kick back, relax and take the extra rest.

  Leg cramps
Leg cramps at week 11

You may experience striking pain in your leg muscles especially during the night, and there are a few things you can do to get relief such as stretch your legs during the day, ensure that your diet is rich in magnesium and potassium, and drink lots of water.

 Mood Swings
Mood Swing  at week 11

This is a symptom that you’ve probably experienced since week 3 of your pregnancy, and best thing to do when you’re feeling this way is to avoid stressful situations and crowded areas

Gas problem at week 11

Tummy troubles are part of the whole pregnancy coaster, and you can make yourself feel better by avoiding gassy foods such as cabbage, beans and fried foods.

 Skin darkening
Skin darkening at week 11

If you notice a dark line around your belly, it is a totally normal pregnancy symptom referred to as linea nigra. This is not permanent and is generally caused by raging hormones, and may even be around after you give birth.

  Vaginal discharge
Vaginal discharge at week 11

This may a good time to invest in pantiliners, because you may notice increased vaginal discharge in this week of pregnancy.

Women who are 11 week pregnant with twins may experience a double dose of these symptoms and higher weight gain, both of which are completely normal.

Size and Weight Flashcard

Baby Size and Weight Flashcard week 11

Inside your Belly in Week 11

Even though you may feel bloated in your 11th week, you may not be showing a full-on baby bump yet.

Women pregnant with their second child or those expecting twins may tend to start showing earlier than first moms-to-be.

Your breasts however will have noticeably changed, so this may be the right time to shop for some comfy, new stretchy bras and other items of lose clothing.

Nursing bras come handy in 11th week of pregnancy, and when you breastfeed your baby after birth, and are designed to contour to your changing bust size.

At this stage of pregnancy, the thought of having a miscarriage may have crossed your mind, but the chances of that happening are lowered down to a minimal three percent if you’ve seen your baby’s heartbeat.

11th Week Pregnant Ultrasound - What to Expect ?

You may be due for your first trimester screening between 11 and 13 weeks.

This is basically a combination of a blood and Nuchal Translucency Screening (NTS) test. This process entails taking measurements of the back of your baby’s neck, where an abnormal reading could be a sign of chromosomal disability.

The blood test will determine whether your hormone levels are too low or high in order to determine your baby’s risk of having a chromosomal condition.

11 week ultrasound picture

If you’re pregnant with twins, your 11 week ultrasound will probably display your babies umbilical cords and one placenta or two. Your fetuses in most cases are identical twins if the babies share a placenta, and maybe identical or fraternal if they have two separate placentas.

Your Baby's Development in Week 11

At 11 weeks pregnant, you baby weighs roughly 0.25 ounces and measures 1.61 inches yet may look a bit strange, with its head making up for nearly half its body size. But not to worry as this will become normal in the upcoming weeks.

baby development on week 11


Other noteworthy transformations in your baby include:

 Audible heartbeat

Your baby’s heartbeat is beating furiously at this stage of pregnancy between 120 and 140 beats per minute, and you’ve probably even heard it as early as your 6th week of pregnancy. Furthermore, the heart has now transformed into an actual four chambered structure, but some of the dividing walls won’t fully form until your baby is born.

 Red blood cells

Your baby’s liver at this stage of pregnancy is the only main organ that’s producing red blood cells, but its bone marrow will take over this responsibility when you’re roughly 30 weeks pregnant.

 Genital form

The external genitalia of your baby will most likely develop around this week either into a clitoris or penis.

Pregnancy Week 11 Checklist

 Plan a babymoon
 Great time to start a baby registry
 Head out shopping for some new maternity clothes