Important Dates

You’ve missed a period, the test is positive… and that’s why you are here.

He’s already got your heart, and this week his heart will begin to beat!

Feeling awful? Your morning sickness will be at its peak right now. Sorry!

Get ready to see your baby for the first time! Their tiny hand is waving at you as you have your first scan.

Congratulations! The first trimester has ended. Say hello to newfound energy levels!

There’s no hiding your tummy from today.

Your little one is now the size of an apple, Nature has completed sculpturing your little naughty with eyelashes, fingernails and eyebrows to top notch perfection.

To know or not to know - your scan can now reveal the sex of your baby.

Baby can hear you! Talk to them to develop an early neural connections.

Your baby’s blueberry eyes opens for the first time. From today, they’ll be blinking just like you.

Wow, you’re nearly there! Welcome to the third trimester. It’s time to start planning your birth experience.

Ay-choo! You’ve got the nesting bug!

The countdown is on! Baby is now full term .

Welcome to your due date! The day to deliver your precious little one has finally arrived.

Overdue and fed up? Your midwife can recommend inducing labour now.

Welcome to motherhood! Your beautiful baby is here!