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Keeping track of your pregnancy dates and calculating the day your baby begins to develop is not easy.

The development of pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your LMP (last menstrual period), even though your fetus only starts to develop after conception.

Fetal age and Gestational age

It’s easy to get confused between fetal age and gestational age, but here’s the big difference.

Gestational age is basically the age of your pregnancy starting from your LMP, whereas fetal age is the actual age of the growing fetus or baby inside you, and is calculated from the date of conception.

Most online pregnancy calculators generally render the gestational age rather than fetal age, again making it more confusing to know what the age of fetus is.

You already know that there are three trimesters in your pregnancy, the first trimester begins from week 1 until the end of week 13, second trimester generally starts from the 14th week until end of week 26, and third trimester can end anywhere between the 38th and 42nd week of pregnancy.

When you’re looking for answers on how to calculate fetal age, you will hear the term embryonic age crop up often.

In order to know the age of your fetus aka embryonic age and how developed it is, you will need to know exactly when the sperm fertilized the egg, something most women have no clue about.

You can use a quick formula to convert between gestational and fetal age, which is Gestational Age = Embryonic Age + 2 weeks and Embryonic or Fetal Age = Gestational Age – 2 weeks, given that the date of conception is two weeks after the start of the LMP.

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9 Interesting Facts about Fetus

  Even though one or more sperm can enter an egg, only one can get to the nucleus.

  Life inside your womb starts with a single cell, which is so small that is literally invisible to the naked eye.

  Contrary to popular belief that the sperm races for the egg, it is the egg that selects the best sperm. And once it does, it takes it in and then closes.

  The development of a child’s brain depends on three factors—60 percent by the genes, 10 percent on the diet of the mother and 30 percent on the environment inside the uterus.

  It is important for the mother to be happy and stay relaxed all through her pregnancy for several reasons, most notably because the neurotransmitters and hormones travel via the placenta to the fetus.

  The biggest change in the embryo in terms of size and physical change takes place in the first month after fertilization.

  Speaking on size, a one month old embryo is roughly 10,000 times bigger than the egg that was fertilized, and takes the shape of a tiny baby after two months.

  3 main brain parts are already developed by the embryo reaches 28 days.

  By the time your unborn baby is 6 months old, they develop complete awareness—feeling, remembering and sensing.

Does Fetal Age Calculator Work ?

Well, as mentioned earlier, if you know the exact date when the sperm fertilized the egg, then you can go ahead and determine the fetal age.

Online fetal age calculators can give you an approximate date when this process took place based on the gestational age, but then again, this is not a sure shot age of your fetus.